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Flexible Membership

Flexible Associate Membership

In 2009 Betchworth Park introduced a Flexible Associate Member Scheme and over the last few years, this has become an extremely popular category for the golfers whose work - life - family balance remains a challenge. 

Our objective is to offer greater flexibility to members and new applicants.

The number of rounds you can play as a flexible associate member will depend upon when you
choose to play; clearly the prime tee times are usually before 2pm. For example, if you want to play
at the peak time (8am-2pm) during the weekends, then your 500 golf credits will buy you 12 rounds
of summer golf. If you choose to play after 2pm then this increases to 16 or after 5pm to 25
rounds. If you play midweek at off peak times, then you could manage to play up to
25 - 30 rounds of summer golf.

Flexible Membership Subscription includes competition entitlements and gives you absolute control over the timing and cost of your annual golf, while you receive the benefits of traditional Club membership. Flexible Associate Membership will suit those golfers who cannot predict when, or how many times they will be able to play golf in a given year or season. It is a fully justifiable membership for the modern golfer – it is a smart and sensible
use of time and money!

Should you find that you have used up all your rounds, you will have the flexibility to be able to top up your account, once, with a further £100 which will buy you an additional 100 golf credits. Your membership card will control your golf via the Pro Shop and the Web Site which keeps a real-time record of the golf you have played. Unused credits remain valid, beyond a normal subscription year-end, providing you renew for the subsequent year.

Your membership club card will also be credited with £50 that you can use to pay for food and drink in the Clubhouse. Paying for refreshments from your card entitles you to a 10% discount. Flexible Associate Members can transfer at anytime to the traditional unlimited golf membership options which will still prove attractive and the most cost-effective category for the regular golfer.

Annual Flexible Membership includes the following benefits:
500 golf credit points
Full use of the practice range with unlimited range balls
£50 Members club card
Annual EGU membership (Ladies fees are £3.00 higher)
All Subscription Levy fees
Credit points

Golf credit points will be deducted by the Pro Shop for every game played. The value of the golf credits used
will depend on the pricing of when you play as detailed below.

Summer: Weekend Weekdays (1st April - 31st October)
8.00am – 2.00pm 40 pts 35pts
2.00pm – 5.00pm 30 pts 25pts
After- 5.00pm 20 pts 15pts
Winter: Weekend Weekdays (1st November - 31st March)
8.00am – 12.00pm 40 pts 30pts
After 12.00 pm 25 pts 20pts

Flexible Associate Members must report to the Pro Shop to register before playing.
Members can book onlinebut must then report to the Pro Shop before playing. If they intend to play after the Pro Shop closes (6pm in the summer) they must notify the Pro Shop of their intentions in advance of playing.
Any unused credits will remain valid beyond a normal subscription year-end, providing you renew in full for
the subsequent year. Points will be lost if renewal is not accepted. 
Further points may be purchased up to a maximum of 100 points in any one
subscription year.
Flexible Associate Members may play in all competitions with the exception of knockout competitions and
club matches.
Flexible Associate Members may introduce one guest per round at the reduced guest green fee rate; any
additional guests must pay the full green fee rate applicable. (Please note: no guest is allowed to play more
than 6 rounds per annum, a restriction that also applies to all other club members)
Payment facilities via Premium Credit are not available for Flexible Associate Membership. 


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