Membership Fees

Betchworth Park Golf Club currently has vacancies for membership and all applications are welcome.  Men and ladies have equal status and pay the same fees. Fees below are for the year from 1st October 2016 through until 30th September 2017. 

To take advantage of a membership at one of Surrey's finest Colt courses, use the application form to the right to begin your journey. 

Membership Type Price
Full Member (18-23 years old)* £356.00 - £572.00
Full Member (24-27 years old)* £617.00 - £822.00
Full Member (28-30 years old)*      £888.00 - £1017.00
Full Member (31-35 years old)* £1082.00 - £1352.00
Full Member (36-39 years old)* £1406.00 - £1568.00
Full Member Over 40 years old £1620.00
Joint Full Membership £2917.00
Flexible Associate ** New ** £640.00
Junior Membership from £185.00
Adult Golf Academy ** New Academy Organisers for 2017 ** £355.00 or £585.00 (includes 12 lessons!)
Social Membership £100.00 (inc £88.00 on bar card)

*Membership fee based on age at date of joining.

All Full, Five & Flexible Associate Memberships are subject to County Golf Union Fees, Bar Levy, Staff Fund & Club Improverment Levy. 

All Full Subscriptions include the FREE use of Range Balls & can be paid monthly through Premium Credit.
All Junior Membership will be subject to an Annual Range Fee of £20.00

The Membership year and related charges run from 1st October to 30th September however all Memberships are invoiced annually from the month of joining. 







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